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Let’s make a wellness plan to get you on track.

No one is responsible for your health other than you,
what is stopping you? Fear of failing ?
Lack of willpower? Confidence ?

All these things can be conquered with the help of our mentors throughout your journey. You do not have to walk this alone. Shrink has numerous 6 week blocks and you can sign up to one or stay on and complete the others, no pressure to continue is ever applied.

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Shrink Plans

What is included?

Structured meal plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks which changes daily, no calorie counting, no weighing food.

  • Structured weekly eating plans
  • Weekly shopping lists
  • Digital home workouts
  • Full access to private support group
  • Weekly Weight and inch loss submission
  • Access to Estelle and team for further guidance regarding all aspects of health.

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Shrink is a weight loss and health gain nutrition plan. The food on the plan is naturally wholesome and bursting with antioxidants which capture all the health-promoting ingredients and benefits.

Your search for healthy weight loss and wellness is over. The heart behind the Shrink plan is to capture the nutritional qualities from natural foods, allowing you to eat your way to weight loss and wellbeing.

What is healthy?

Many believe that not carrying excess weight means that they are healthy but often the opposite can be true. What you weigh on the scales is only a small detail regarding your health.

Inner health is critical to your overall wellbeing and without it the body will fail to function at full capacity.

Eating the right food is vital as it will nourish the body creating vigour and vitality.

Weight issues whether over or under are extremely important to good health, but inner health is also a critical department in searching for complete wellness.

Now is your time to commit to a health plan that not only delivers weight loss but also wellness within.

No one is responsible for your health other than you.

We have an amazing team of dedicated mentors who will support and encourage you through this journey. Our heart is to educate and release you into wholeness and wellness.

Now is your time to commit to a health plan that not only delivers weight loss but also wellness within.

No one is responsible for your health other than you, we have an amazing team of dedicated mentors at the other end of a support system who will walk you through this journey and help educate and release you into wholeness and wellness.

I am a mum of one who has been blessed with a supportive husband who has been a rock to me during many years of studying to allow me to get to where I am today.

Ok here is the honest part, for many years as a fitness professional I focused on the exterior more than the interior of our bodies. Yes I always advocated healthy eating but I wanted to see results in my clients, I wanted to see six packs and strong toned bodies I was focused so much on what I saw rather than how they felt within. I thank the Lord that I now see the whole person and not just their exterior, I have changed so much over the years, as I am now more interested in inner health first, the overflow of which is health gain and weight loss.

There is enough 6 or 8 week transformation programs out there and if I am being honest I am fed up with them.

There has to be more to life than following a plan getting results then going back to your old ways. My heart for Shrink is that you learn along the way how to eat and what to eat therefore equipping you to step into a lifestyle rather than just seeing it as another diet. Years of bad habits can be broken and there is hope! As a Christian I truly believe with God anything is possible and it is a privilege to serve you all and walk this journey alongside you.

I am done with pictures of my cropped tops showing off my abs… who actually cares?

Instead I want to promote me as a woman, who simply believes in you, I want you to get to know me as a mummy, wife, sister, auntie and a friend, being a nutritional therapist and fitness professional are merely tools that I use to help create healthy happier people.

I don’t take such responsibility lightly, I am truly excited to see where the Shrink journey takes you.

Thank you for trusting me regarding your wellbeing, I feel honored to help you become a healthier, fitter version of you.


Small goals lead towards big dreams, your positive heart and your stable inner health can take you further than trying to achieve that perfect body. Stop looking to what others have and start seeing what you can become. Follow your own desires and your daily achievements as they will lead you to a sweet sweet spot, your sweet spot. The Shrink plan focuses on your spirit, soul and body. All parts of you matter.

What people say about the Shrink Programme

Testimonials from people who have transformed their lives with Shrink.

Are you Based in Northern Ireland? Shrink HQ, is based in Pure Wellness, Galgorm, Ballymena.

Find out more on Shrink HQ or click here for directions.

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Shrink loves fitness

Hormone balancing

Exercise in general is great for balancing hormones because it reduces inflammation, can help you maintain a healthy weight, lowers stress, helps regulate your appetite, and aids in getting better sleep.

Increased muscle tone + fitness levels

In our 30s we start to lose muscle mass. To enable us to remain toned we need to work harder for our muscles to remain firm. The online Shrink plan includes home workouts for the entire body so all the muscles work effectively to bring you the best results possible. Our fitness levels will increase slowly and safely when we add flexibility, strength and cardio workouts into our lives.

Aches and pains reducing

Exercise helps to mobilise joints and keep the body supple.

Enjoy great looking skin

Tiny arteries in your skin will open up, allowing more blood to reach the skin’s surface and deliver nutrients that repair damage. These nutrients also rev up the skin’s collagen production, thwarting wrinkles.

Feel good from the inside

One of the biggest effects of exercise is the good feeling it leaves behind, a sense of achievement and accomplishment does wonders for our mental health. Wonderful brain chemicals called endorphins are released into the blood which lifts the mood and triggers a positive feeling. Exercise not only decreases the waist line but also decreases negative moods and mindsets. A perfect prescription to aid a healthy body,soul and spirit.

Boost self confidence

Meeting exercise and fitness goals can give a surge of self achievement which allows you to have belief in yourself. A rise in self confidence will allow you to smash your way through each goal one at a time.

Fitness Class Times

Estelle has fitness classes to suit every level from beginner to advanced, come along and experience exercise as part of your journey.

Is it your time to change?

The Shrink plan is a lifeline to a healthier lifestyle.

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