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About Shrink Complete Fitness

Hello, and welcome to the Shrink Complete Fitness website, this is indeed the plan you have been searching for, nutritious, wholesome and fresh foods which create a plan bursting with antioxidants and health promoting meals.

Your search for optimal health and wellbeing is over, the time has come to put your health first, if you don’t look after you then no one else will.

Now is your time to commit, change and challenge yourself to overcome the battle of overeating and also those who struggle with under eating.

I truly believe that you can achieve results if you believe in yourself, believe and you shall achieve.

You will not be alone on your Shrink journey, myself and my amazing Shrink mentors offer superb online contact via a support page system to answer any queries you may have, we are fully committed to walking with you on the Shrink journey.

My mission as Shrink Coach is to offer you a plan that not only works but also teaches and educates you how to live a life encouraged, inspired, and motivated to make your personal goals achievable.

When I work alongside committed people, together we will make an awesome team.

Shrink is not a gimmick it is a Lifeline.


The main benefits of Shrink;


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The amazing weight-loss is a bi product of feeding your body what it needs rather than what it wants.

The food on the Shrink plan is natural food, full of protein, low glycemic index carbs, unsaturated fats and veg giving you all you need nutritionally to live healthy and oozing with energy and vigour and you will glow in your new found state of health in abundance.

Local medical professionals are referring their patients to Shrink because of the health benefits which is changing the lives of many who have completed the Shrink plan.  The plan is suitable for all age groups 16 years and above.

The proof certainly isn’t in the pudding it’s in the programme! See our Gallery (Click Here)  for the real Results before and after photos or why not scroll down & check out our Testimonials at the Bottom.

The Process

What’s Included?


Once you complete the online week 1 to 6 you can then move onto weeks 7 to 12, weeks 13 to 18, weeks 19 to 24 and finally Shrink2 all for £45 per 6 week block.  Once these are completed you can then move into Shrink Blast which is £55 for an 8 week block.



Video Introduction

Video Testimonials

Written Testimonials

It’s Time to Shrink!

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